Urban Planning & Infrastructure


DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING Urban Planning & Infrastructure

Urban development and expansion involve planning and preparation, which include both technical and political processes. These processes are concerned with the use of land, permission, protection and environmental usage, as well as, public welfare including air, water and the infrastructure passing into and out of urban areas, such as transportation, distribution networks and communications.

The approach of urban development experts’ team at Lochan & Co is based on understanding the constraints of the institutional environment and building on this to provide institutional and capacity support.


The overall objective of urban planning and design area is to improve policies, plans and designs for more compact, socially inclusive, better integrated and connected cities that foster sustainable urban development and are resilient to climate change, at the city, regional and national levels.

Objectives of the major international organizations working in Urban Planning and Development Sector are as follows:

  • Supporting governments and local authorities with tested approaches, guidelines, and tools to plan the growth of cities in an inclusive, sustainable, and future-proof way;
  • Making cities more livable, productive, and inclusive through proper planning and design;
  • Optimizing the population and economic density of urban settlements and promoting mixed land use, diversity, and better connectivity;
  • Ensuring that planning and design contribute to the development of more efficient, greener, and cleaner cities able to cope with the consequences of climate change;
  • Strengthening city finances, planning, and governance systems;
  • Improving different dimensions of living conditions for people – infrastructure services, tenure, housing, and neighborhoods;
  • Supporting urban transformation through improved urban and land-use planning, management, and implementation of integrated investments in infrastructure and service delivery.

Consultation Area

Practitioners of urban planning are concerned with research and analysis, strategic thinking, architecture, urban design, public consultation, policy recommendations, implementation and management.

  • Cities and economic growth;
  • Urban poverty and inclusion;
  • Municipal infrastructure and services;
  • Affordable housing and land;
  • Urban management, finance, and governance;
  • Cities and urban environment.