ServiceNow is a software-as-a-service provider, providing technical management support, such as IT service management, to the IT operations of large corporations, including providing help desk functionality.

To provide ServiceNow solutions we have partnered with inMorphis Services Pvt Ltd who are Gold Services and Sales Partner of ServiceNow Inc. inMorphis was founded in the year 2015 in INDIA with a vision to revolutionize service experience, inMorphis Services is a Global Workplace Automation company. Over the past years, they have transformed and empowered enterprises in their digital journeys with the most scalable & secure solutions.

Our services and benefits:

IT Service Management

  • Get rid of spreadsheets, emails, and calls to manage IT services;
  • Adopt the revolutionary Omni Channel Action-Packed platform;
  • Enforce discipline in managing incident, problem, and change process;
  • Get access to real-time performance dashboards by exploiting the power of people and processes on one platform.

Automate and Integrate Everything

  • Provide a single system of record across the entire enterprise eliminating the complexity of information silos;
  • Create end to end automation of previously manual or disconnected business processes;
  • Leverage the maximum value of all your business systems and data by integrating workflows across people, systems, data, and processes;
  • Consolidate legacy business processes between IT and business units.

Accelerate Development and Reuse

  • Build new modernized apps leveraging the existing services, apps, and integration. Share issue, request, and reporting framework across departments;
  • See ideas going live fast, minimize costs, and accelerate ROI;
  • Benefit from the Power of Cloud, and the Power of One Platform, One Place for Everything;
  • Safely scale-out overall application delivery with development-ready tools, scripts, and templates;
  • Reuse platform services, APIs, universal components, and mainstream web technologies to provide additional value with each new application developed.

Measure and Optimise

  • Remove the Need for Complex 3rd Party Reporting Tools to gain real-time insights;
  • Maintain control and governance over the platform, developer permissions, app resources, and data access;
  • Share knowledge across the enterprise to get issues resolved more quickly and to capture know-how;
  • Ensure elevated security and control, along with high availability to shift focus from managing the infrastructure to build innovative business applications.

Customer Service

  • Customers reach out when they want you to improve. Give them omnichannel experience;
  • Build Self-Service to reduce call volume;
  • Keep an active vigil on issues, and outages, automatically create cases before they occur;
  • Prevent repeat calls by fixing the root cause.

Field Service

  • Get your Field Engineers to know who to serve, when to serve, and what to serve;
  • Know beforehand which parts or tools to carry, to ensure First Visit Case Closure;
  • Know exactly where to look for problems, and follow a stringent process checklist to avoid slippages;
  • Receive and Record instant customer feedback, therefore aid crucial performance assessment.