SAP/ERP Implementation



SAP ERP enables organizations to optimize critical business functions such as accounting and financial, human capital management, supplier relationship management, enterprise performance management, and many others.

We deliver the experience and expertise you need for just such a challenge. Our consultants have vast experience in this area, and they have consistently performed IT systems integration with speed, integrity and accuracy.

Our Services:

  • Conversion Assistance;
  • ERP Package Evaluation and Implementation;
  • ERP Software Package Upgrade;
  • Programme and Project Governance; and
  • SAP Application Management

How we can help?

  • Lochan & Co provides integrated software solution that will help you take care of customer relationships as well as internal resources.
  • Lochan & Co supports point of sales, distribution, inventory, accounting, and e-commerce as well as workflow systems.
  • Our professionals provide SAP integration, technical upgrade and business intelligence solution.
  • We give you Product Life-cycle management, Supplier & Customer Relationship Management and Portal solutions.