ProMan Project Management Tool


TECHNOLOGY ProMan Project Management Tool

ProMan is a project management, monitoring and evaluation system, designed and developed by Lochan & Co, to provide accurate and up-to date project management information to different departments throughout the organization.

Lochan & Co, with the use of PROMAN, serves its clients by providing them with services that not only help meet short term goals but help set futuristic ones. We provide cutting-edge services to enable companies to become tomorrow’s leaders.

ProMan’s Functionality:

  • Provides feature to stores various attributes like name, organization type, organization structure, address, country, phone, fax, website, email, and other additional information;
  • Helps the management in defining various roles to be assigned to an employee in a project. This gives the user would be able to access the data to the projects they have been assigned to;
  • Secure as other users of the software tool will not have access to the documents for the project in which they are not the team members;
  • User-friendly and can be easily used without any problems; and
  • Can be customized depending on the requirements of the client’s organization.

ProMan’s Features:

  • User Management – manage users at the organization level, project teams and more;
  • Data Management – manage data at organization level, project level;
  • Project Management – manage projects for varied industry and diversified clients;
  • Task Management – manage tasks at the project level and maintain user-level reporting; and
  • Login screen allows the user to access the application based on a secured password and assigned user role, thus enforcing the security across the application.