Peace & Security



We live in a world of global threats to Security. The era of open warfare has yielded to the age of ‘proxy wars’, in which the adversary uses clandestine means and invisible hands to inflict damage on the targeted entity. The end of Cold War has coincided with the rise of cross border terrorism and insurgencies.

Peace and security are prerequisites for Development and Business Investments. All major Corporations have now created an internal unit for a focused study of security environment around the enterprise, the country’s situation in regard to such global threats as terrorism and Left Wing Extremism as well as the efficacy of Law & Order machinery. This also involves investment on Intelligence & Analysis function which is normally housed in the Policy & Planning Division.

The exercise of Enterprise Risk Analysis has now been made more comprehensive with the inclusion of Security Risk Assessment in it. A top management functionary oversees the work of the Chief Security Officer of the Company and teams up with the leader preparing the Business Plan to ensure coverage of Risk in the comprehensive sense of the term.


Peace is a social and political condition that ensures development of individuals, society and nation. It is a state of harmony characterized by the existence of healthy relationships. It is a condition related to the social or economic welfare and equality. It is also related to a working political order that serves true interests of all. In the context of intra-national and international relations, peace is not merely the absence of war or conflict, but also the presence of socio-cultural and economic understanding and unity.


A secure condition of feeling free from fear, it also means the safety of an individual, an institution, a region, a nation or the world. However, in its most basic sense, security implies freedom from extremely dangerous threats. It also relates to threats that endanger core values like human rights.

It is evident that peace and security are inseparable. Combined together, it is a condition where individuals, institutions, regions, nations and the world move ahead without any threat. In this condition regions or nations are generally more stable domestically, likely to be democratically governed and respectful to human rights. Conflict not only generates threat and fear, but also hampers economic, social, or political advancement.

When we talk about peace and security, we mostly relate it to its traditional notion that has been focused since ages on the danger of military or armed conflicts or threats.