Micro Assessment



Financial Management Capacity Assessment/ Micro-Assessment

Micro-assessment are the activities carried out for assessing the risks related to cash transfers to the partner and is done once every program cycle, or whenever a significant change in the organizational management is noticed.

We assess the financial management capacity of the proposed partner by evaluating the financial systems, processes and capability of the partner and assess the suitability of potential partner for entering into financial relation with inherent risks.

Potential Challenges:

  • Frequent or major changes in an organizations management and policies;
  • Expansion of an organization’s operations leading to higher risks;
  • Lack of information regarding the legal status, governance structure or financial viability of an organization;
  • Ineffective internal control system of organizations­

How we can help:–

  • Evaluate the financial systems and processes against industry standards;
  • Assess the capability of the partner to mitigate inherent risks;
  • Advise clients on the financial modalities and procedures.