• Focus


    “We focus on key issues and needs of different stakeholders of your organization”

  • Knowledge


    “Our focused approach helps us to gain knowledge and find strategies to resolve key issues ”

  • <h3 class="slide-title" style="color:#000;"> Solution</h3>


    “We provide tailor-made solutions that help organizations achieve their short-term and long-term goals”


Lochan & Co established its presence in 1987 providing a variety of assurance and consultancy services. We have diverse experience in the national and international Arena. We act as advisors who mold, transform, and deliver the best development consulting, assurance and other professional services to development sector and corporate entities/agencies operating at different levels.

Lochan & Co is a firm that prides itself

Our review methodology emphasizes quality

Associated organizations change

  • Assurance Services

    Assurance Services

    “Defining the path to sustainable growth”

    We provide clear insights and practical solutions, to navigate through complexities of today’s market landscape. We help organizations in growth by identifying threats and opportunities.

  • Development Consulting

    Development Consulting

    “We develop strategies that create sustainable advantage and deliver results”

    We are strongly committed to improving organizations, communities, and individuals through our customized development services.

  • Technology


    “We help you actualize possibilities”

    We help organizations to smoothen their functioning and management of projects through our products and services.

  • Business Advisory

    Business Advisory

    “We forge value based relationships”

    Our advisory team closely studies your organization to identify issues affecting the business and then apply our global knowledge to implement a data driven approach to help you resolve these issues.

  • Training

    Training & Capacity Development

    “Learning fuels creativity & innovation”

    Our team of experts focus on continuously improving and designing best structure for Learning and Capacity development programs.

  • Outsourcing Services

    Outsourcing Services

    “We help accelerate growth”

    We provide customized solutions for a wide variety of remote processing applications. We use innovative techniques to boost your overall competitive success—while you focus on your core competencies

OUR PEOPLE We help you actualize possibilities!


Senior Partner

Co-founder of Lochan & Co having
over 30 years of diversified
professional experience

Senior Partner

Co-founder of Lochan & Co having
over 32 years of extensive
professional experience

Senior Partner

He has over 26 years of professional
experience with a specialty in
banking sector audits.

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Manager Assurance Service

Mr. Vikas joined our firm in 2006. He
is a Chartered Accountant qualified
in Information System Audit (ISA)

Manager Advisory Service

Jai Prakash Gupta is an associate
member of The Institute of
Chartered Accountants of India.

Manage Assurance Service

Ratnesh Kumar Jha is an associate
member of The Institute of
Chartered Accountants of India

Our Social Responsibility

We live with a clear set of values to help make the world a better place and help societies to flourish. We take responsibilities upfront and encourage others to contribute as well.

We support individuals and organizations to pace up with today’s fast-moving global market, where professions are dynamic and demanding continual enhancement of qualifications, knowledge, and encouragement.

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Global Presence