External Evaluation


ASSURANCE SERVICES External Evaluation

An external evaluation provides evidence to the management, administration and staff whether the internal controls, governance, and risk management processes are operating as per plans.

External Evaluations can be used to build stakeholder confidence over the internal workings of an organization. External Evaluation may be conducted for an institution, a particular unit of the institution, or even a core activity of the institution.

Potential Challenges:

  • Unable to develop metrics to evaluate stakeholder expectations;
  • Lack of expertise to carry out internal evaluation;
  • Determining whether services are implemented systematically;
  • Not enough capacity to collect data in order to support a formal internal program evaluation;
  • Lack of “outside the box” thinking.

How we can help:

  • Determine the value added by a particular unit/activity/function;
  • Carry out the evaluation with independence and objectivity;
  • Using a harmonized approach that keeps the unit/activity being evaluated content;
  • Recommending changes (if required) that our practical and achievable.