Development internal Audit


Our forensic advisory professionals can help you investigate the flow of funds and determine whether illegal transactions have occurred, bringing the clarity you need to manage adversity, protect value and return to normal operations.

We can help you deal with a wide range of financial irregularities, securities fraud, misconduct & business disputes; and deliver clear, logical analysis and factual reports. We utilize the accumulated experience and insight gathered from working across different industries and geographies to help our clients conduct fraud risk assessments and develop effective anti-corruption programs.

Potential Challenges:

  • Financial reporting and securities fraud;
  • Bribery, corruption and money laundering;
  • Employee fraud, misappropriation, and embezzlement;
  • Regulatory investigations and insurance claims;
  • Shareholder disputes and post-acquisition disputes and tax controversies;
  • Intellectual property and business valuation.

How we can help:

  • Identifying if any fraud was committed;
  • Determining when and how the fraud was committed and concealed;
  • Computing the amount of loss incurred from the evidence gathered;
  • Recommending actions to prevent such frauds in the future.