Assurance Services

Assurance Services

Lochan & Co has a significant­­­­­­ assurance practice of Corporate Sector, International Agencies, Government of India and State Governments and Non Profit Organizations.

The Firm has implemented the latest methods for maximizing audit efficiency through a risk based international audit approach.This enables timely delivery and value added advisory services to clients.

When it comes to audit, accounting, and other assurance services, the difference between meeting and exceeding client expectations comes down to personal attention and the value delivered.

Our approach to provide assurance services is tailored to meet client’s unique circumstances and for the benefit of stakeholders

Lochan & Co demands from its audit teams, audit excellence and set tough policies to achieve it. Lochan & Co hires talented people and invests heavily in training and tools, including systems for achieving consistency, objectivity and accountability in strict compliance with professional standards.

It orients its audit professionals to give utmost cooperation to its clients while maintaining highest standards of independence, integrity, quality and objectivity.

In each engagement we:

  • Understand your needs to help you determine the services required;
  • Complete a risk assessment process to focus our approach;
  • Identify staff with appropriate industry expertise to handle the assignment;
  • Rigorously plan the engagement with your input;
  • Determine the appropriate tools and use technology tools, including data extraction software and highly tailored audit software to streamline our approach;
  • Communicate with you through all phases of the audit service delivery.

Value Added Solutions

Our assurance services are focused on serving growth-oriented, privately owned businesses, multinational corporate and development sector. While serving a broad range of industries, we specialize in the unique challenges faced by entrepreneur-driven companies.

We also specialize in serving multilateral agencies, bilateral agencies, international and national not for profit entities with a broad range of missions and funding resources.

Our clients expect us to help them navigate through constantly changing accounting rules, however, we understand the value of our relationship as a trusted advisor comes through the time we invest to understand the specific requirements of organization.


Our professionals will help you to:

  • Look for ways to help safeguard your entity’s assets;
  • Consider processes and procedures for improved operations;
  • Make well-informed decisions regarding your company’s long-term growth and success.