Setting Up Operations in India

Lochan & Co. has played pivotal role for many companies and organizations to set up their business in India. We have worked Setting up an NGO which is similar to setting up any other business organization. For setting up operations several processes have to be kept in mind, like—legal, financial, technical, administrative etc.

We provide consultancy services for setting up operations of NGO’s in India. We support foreign nationals, NRI’s and Donor Agencies desirous of setting up NGO’s in India by providing various services for setting up a NGO for example:

Drafting of Memorandum and Rules & Regulation, Filling of the Application & Approval with the Registrar of Societies, Registration under the Income Tax Act 1961 under section 12A for claiming exemption towards the income of the organization, Registration under the Income Tax Act 1961 under section 80G for claiming exemptions by the organizations who are making donations to NGO, Specific approval under The Foreign Contribution and Regulation Act to receive Foreign Funds from Donors.

While implementing the Set Up process for one of our clients Lochan & Co. understood the activities carried out by the organisations, determined the risk involved while venturing into new area and matched the satisfaction of the client with expectations.

After going through the process, our company informed client of the general policies and key controls and instructed personnel in the application of standard practices and procedures necessary to effectively carry out an operation. Our information helped the NGO to effectively establish its operations and hence benefited its functioning in its respective area.