Why Lochan & Co

Just the right size

Lochan & Co is a mid-size firm. Large enough to provide you with professional development opportunities, small enough to make sure you have meaningful, direct client contact from the start.

We're diverse

Lochan & Co brings together the best of the best. Our associates are culturally diverse, and our clients are successful mid-size businesses that span a broad range of industries, Multinationals, International Bilateral and Multilateral Funding Agencies.

We offer great benefits

To attract and retain talent, Lochan & Co offers highly competitive compensation and benefits packages including such forward-thinking programs as adoption assistance and a COMMITMENT program (paid time off for community involvement).

We live our values

Partners and associates believe in and live our values of integrity, reliability, trust, employee appreciation, client focus, one firm concept, adaptability and positive attitude.

Become a specialist

As your professional skills and abilities develop, you will become a specialist within an industry or acquire technical specialty that leads

to even greater career satisfaction and professional opportunities.

Work in teams

Our services are aligned with client’s needs, emphasizing industry specialization. Small service teams work interactively to provide each client with high-quality and timely accounting, compliances, outsourcing and consulting services.

Work and have a life

In addition to requiring limited travel, our team approach also keeps you connected to at work and at play. The professionals of Lochan & Co know there's more to life than work and are committed to family, recreation, philanthropy and community service.

Explore yourself

Employees normally build a career in a specific domain but often look to expand their horizons by working on projects in other areas/fields. We facilitate this urge to grow across functions through an active job rotation program to enable learning, versatility, and expansion knowledge.