Employment Perspective

We understand that our people are our most important resource, Lochan & Co offers a collegial and progressive working environment. We invite you to explore accounting and consulting jobs with our firm and let us prove our commitment to your personal growth and success.

Established in 1987, we’re an independent accounting and consulting firm in the New Delhi area and are big enough to offer a wide variety of auditing, accounting jobs, compliance and consulting jobs that span numerous industries and disciplines. Yet we’re small enough to provide a working environment that will allow you to experience a comprehensive breadth of professional responsibilities.

Among many other benefits, accounting jobs and consulting jobs at Lochan & Co offer a unique professional learning and development program—a rarity among accounting firms. Though our resources are substantial, Lochan & Co does not do business like the national accounting firms. Personalized attention is a hallmark of our client services philosophy.

Our clients run the gamut from large publicly traded and privately owned companies to mid-sized firms, as well as not-for-profit and philanthropic organizations. The accounting jobs and consulting jobs at Lochan & Co. are as diverse as our client list.

Work with us

Lochan & Co focuses on integrated data and knowledge and we deliver long-term value to our clients because of our expertise in their area of business and predictable, ‘hassle free’ services.

Doing this requires expertise and experience of a high order. That is why at Lochan & Co you’ll find a passion to perform, a desire to excel. You will find a sense of purpose springing out of a belief that we are creating a service -leading organization.

The Lochan & Co. Culture

We are a value-centered performance-focused organization. Everything about our work place is designed so that employees can focus on performance.

Our offices offer some of the finest physical and working environments you will find anywhere. We have an open-door culture that encourages dialogue and makes it easy to approach peers and supervisors to discuss issues across the table. There are regular skip level meetings and offsite events to keep the communication channels open and uncluttered. We have meticulous policies to ensure a safe and harmonious workplace.

The result? A work environment where people can innovate and deliver results without undue stress.

Your career your way

We are a role-based organization. Employees know what their current responsibilities are, and can clearly see what additional competencies are required for a higher role. They can acquire those competencies through training, certification, and internal job rotation opportunities. We have transitioned over 100 processes for our clients and there are always opportunities to grow within a role or across processes within India, abroad, or with our strategic partners.The opportunities are virtually limitless. The only bar on growth is performance, competence, and capability.