Business Process Outsourcing

Finance & Accounting BPO services are key focus area for Lochan & Co. Whether client is working on a grass root level project on outsourcing or is re-evaluating existing shared service centers, Lochan & Co has effective solution.

Our Services Include

  • Book-keeping
  • Tax Return
  • Payroll Processing
  • VAT Return
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement

Value Added Solutions

Team of Lochan & Co is goal-oriented, proactive, competitive and strategic. It has gained experience working with entrepreneurs. The synergy of our technical expertise, experience and passion generates extraordinary leverage for solving the most complex outsourcing solutions. Our approach and our people promise you a more personal and cogent solutions.


  • To focus on more strategic issues
  • To assign staff and allocate resources
  • To focus time and resources on core activities
  • To relieve from day-to-day operations
  • To get a higher level quality of service
  • To improve own services to industry
  • To get top business, industry, and legal specialists
  • To provide valuable services and skills
  • To obtain infrastructure with no investments
  • To gain own targets and enhance the revenues through Lochanco specialized outsourcing team