Withholding Taxes Compliance

Although the scope of the regulations and the tax rates have been reviewed from time to time, the regulations have evolved through piecemeal extension, rather than as a result of a fundamental review of the type of tax deduction system needed to complement the PAYEE system.

Our Services Include

  • TDS Management
  • Preparation and Filing of Quarterly Returns
  • Filing of TDS Annual Return
  • TDS Assessments

Value Added Solutions

Lochan & Co works closely with each client in meeting short-term needs while remaining focused on long-term goals. We solicit the input of our clients and the business community to continually improve our services and effectiveness. Our Firm's Professionals are comprised of prominent business and academic leaders that meet with us during the year to discuss practice and service issues.


  • Lochan & Co possesses a team of expertise supported with highly efficient staff to perform all tax related activities.
  • Team of qualified professionals enhances the capability of Lochan & Co to perform all types of documentation.
  • Our qualified team leaves no gap in timely compliances.