VAT/ Sales Tax

VAT covers all goods and services. It is levied on the value added at each stage from production to the retail stage. To simplify the calculations of value added, each taxpayer is allowed to deduct the tax paid on his inputs from the tax payable on his output. VAT in its comprehensive form, will replace all other domestic indirect taxes.

Value added tax (VAT), is levied on the added value that results from each exchange. A VAT is an indirect tax, in that the tax is collected from someone who does not bear the entire cost of the tax. VAT is a consumption tax charged at the point of purchase for certain goods and services.

Our Services Include

  • Registration VAT
  • Advice Preparation and Filing of Quarterly Returns
  • VAT Assessment
  • Appeals

Value Added Solutions

Lochan & Co. possesses team of quality professionals that provide valuable advice and comply the law and issues relating to assesses’ registration, amendments, tax liability assessment and filing of returns etc. It has acquired competent professionals, knowledge and skill to meet out assesses’ proper compliance under the Act.


  • Lochan & Co. has a team of qualified professionals supported with highly efficient supporting staff which makes it time bound service provider.
  • Team of qualified professionals enhances the capability of Lochan & Co. to solve all type of queries
  • Our supporting staff works as a bridge between the department and the client which leave no gap in timely compliances.