Service Tax

Service Tax has become a major source of revenue of the Government very recently. Every individual, firm, company or any organization engaged in business or profession providing services as listed under the Service Tax Act, 1994 are required to get registered under the Act and to collect and deposit the Service Tax as per provisions of the Act.

Our Services Include

  • Registration
  • Service Tax Liability Assessment
  • Preparation and Filing of Half Yearly Returns
  • Service Tax Assessment Cases
  • Appeals

Value Added Solutions

Lochan & Co. possesses team of quality professionals that provide valuable advice and comply the law and issues relating to assesses registration, amendments, tax liability assessment and filing of returns etc. It has acquired competent professional knowledge and skill to meet out assesses’ proper compliance under the Act.


  • Qualified professionals are the key hands who provide quality advice up to maximum accuracy.
  • Special team handling matters related to Service Tax makes Lochan & Co more efficient than others.This extra professional capability meets the time bound commitment of Lochan & Co and distinguishes it from others.
  • Lochan & Co has the capacity to manage all the compliance of mid sized and/ or large sized service providers necessary under the Act.