Legal & Regulatory Compliances

Lochan & Co ensures to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements applicable to client organizations environmental aspects and impacts. It further reviews by identifying applicable regulatory requirements, determining how these requirements relate to its activities, products and services. It evaluates conformity with the identified requirements and take action to correct any non conformity that exist or occur.

An effective compliance program not only mitigates a fine or penalty, but also adds value to a company by enhancing and protecting corporate reputation and image, improving business relationships and providing a competitive advantage. Legal & Regulatory Compliance services includes:

  • Companies Act
  • Foreign Exchange Management Act, RBI & Foreign Collaboration
  • Software Technology Park of India Scheme
  • Import-Export,Technology Park & Special Economic Zone
  • Income Tax
  • Withholding Taxes Compliance
  • Custom & Excise
  • VAT/ Sales Tax
  • Service Tax
  • Labour Laws

Value Added Solutions

Our team of professionals is well-versed on emerging issues such as ongoing support of compliance requirements in providing complete solution which gives accurate and correct view and assurance to outside world that depicts the correct picture and complies with all statutory requirements.


  • Lochan & Co identifies the requirements that directly relate to regulatory compliance
  • Lochan & Co determines the status of compliance from a number of sources, including reports of specific instances of non-compliance
  • Lochan & Co performs results of internal audits, communications including complaints, environmental performance (i.e. results of monitoring and measurement), objectives and targets, corrective and preventative actions.
  • Lochan & Co does follow up from previous legal reviews, changing regulations and legal requirements and recommendations for improvement)