Information Technology Solutions

Lochan & Co focuses on improving the use of technology to accomplish measurable performance improvements and reduced costs. Lochan & Co helps you better manage your technology with improved IT strategic planning, governance, operations, and the management of special projects. Our professionals deliver realizable business solutions by integrating technology with strategy, business process, and people. Our technology consulting solutions include data warehousing, information systems planning, project management, and risk consulting. Our Information Technology Solutions services include

  • E governance IT Audits
  • Information Technology Audits
  • Information Technology Risk Assessments
  • Security and Privacy Solutions,
  • Continuity Solutions,
  • Change Management Solutions,
  • IT Asset Management Solutions,
  • Program Management Solutions,
  • Application Effectiveness Solutions.

Value Added Solutions

Our expertise are designing, building and running complex IT systems infrastructure for clients. We focus on your existing systems and make them more efficient, lean and scalable to match your business strategies.


Our solutions will help you to

  • Develop short-term IT execution plans and long-term strategic IT initiative roadmaps that are realistic and executable.
  • Deploy the best technical strategy for managing all levels of operational and analytical information to make better decisions and streamline operations.
  • Standardize project planning and execution processes in order to help you develop strong internal project management capabilities.
  • Provide a risk based IT profile to identify where your operations and data are susceptible to misuse, theft, or corruption.
  • Weigh the benefits and return on investment of various options to select the right vendor solution to meet your requirements.
  • Ensure your IT systems are in compliance with federal regulations and industry mandates.