Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise resource planning can be the most difficult and time-consuming IT projects a company may face. These initiatives can be massive, such as combining entirely independent systems due to corporate mergers and acquisitions. Lochan & Co. can deliver the experience and expertise you need for just such a challenge. Our consultants are global leaders in this area, and they have consistently performed IT systems integration with speed, integrity and accuracy.

Our Enterprise Resource Management Services Include

  • Conversion Assistance
  • ERP Package Evaluation and Implementation
  • ERP Software Package Upgrade
  • Procedures Development
  • Process Design
  • Project Management
  • Requirements Definition

Value Added Solutions

The troubles faced by SME’s with regards to ERP is quiet understandable. However Lochan & Co. rectifies it effectively. Even if they are not taken out totally there is always a scope by Lochan & Co. for making things better and making ERP more user friendly for Small and Medium Enterprises.


  • Lochan & Co provides integrated software solution that will help you take care of customer relationships as well as internal resources.
  • Lochan & Co supports point of sales, distribution, inventory, accounting, e-commerce as well as workflow systems.