Project Finance

A company can’t grow without an adequate business financing plan. But poorly structured debt or inappropriate financing sources may result in excessive costs and can restrict your growth. That’s why it is critical to prepare a well-designed financial package. At Lochan & Co, experts perform financial needs assessment to assist you in creating a financial package and identifying financing sources. Lochan & Co even helps you present the package to potential funding sources and assist in negotiations.

Our finance & analytic team is focused on the role of the finance organization, helping to improve their financial management capabilities and deliver world-class performance to the organization. Lochan & Co has extensive experience with a number of finance and analytic solutions including finance strategy, cost and performance management, process effectiveness, business intelligence, and finance technology.

Our Services Include

  • Preparation of Project Report
  • Feasibility Study
  • Appraisal of Project Report
  • Loan arrangement- Cash credit limit, Term loan & Project loan
  • Due Diligence for Finance
  • Valuation
  • Corporate Restructuring

Value Added Solutions

Our financing assistance is designed to:

  • Provide solid business and financial planning
  • Develop a clear, fair and favorable financing presentation for potential lenders
  • Pinpoint how funds will be used to benefit your business
  • Help you secure funds at a competitive cost


  • Lochan & Co gives you senior-level attention and personalized service. And our financial consultants have experience across a number of industries.
  • Lochan & Co spends less time getting to know your industry and more time helping you prepare a solid loan proposal.
  • Develop practical and effective strategies for finance operations, tailored to fit each company's unique business requirements, size, and industry.
  • Analyzes the current state processes within the finance organization and seek opportunities to enhance operating efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Defines requirements in finance technology, objectively evaluate the alternatives available, and plan and execute the implementation of the solution