Every professional for operations undergoes a voice and accent neutralization training as mandatory requirement for any voice process. Lochan & Co also has a structured training program in place to address the proficiency and certification testing. For ensuring written, verbal, and cultural appropriateness for on the job accuracy for customers there are training modules on client culture sensitization and Voice and accent neutralization. Once the training is completed the effectiveness of training is measured.

This process is done in two ways: By obtaining individual feedback from all the participants at the end of each training session, in a pre-defined format. This format includes feedback on both the trainer and the training content. Training effectiveness is also evaluated during the performance improvement evaluation. It helps in analyzing the degree to which the training has been able to achieve its pre-defined objectives. In cases where the specific training need had been identified the process owner who had solicited the training does a review after 2 months of the training to assess the effectiveness on a set of parameters to be decided by the concerned process owner.

Our Services Include

  • Accounting Trainings
  • Financial Monitoring Training

Value Added Solutions

Lochan & Co concentrates on providing a complete range of training services. The majority of our tax services are rendered in the area of consulting. Our tax professionals are "active" and include tax attorneys, as well as CPAs. This means you can expect total involvement in your financial affairs and a prompt response to your planning needs. Tax return preparation and other compliance services are an essential part of the tax practice.

We have concentrated our efforts on working principally with corporate, partnership, and high-net-worth individuals. This allows us the opportunity to offer our business clients complete corporate and partnership services. In addition, it enables us to provide thorough, timely, and creative individual tax services for the principals of our corporate and partnership clients.


  • Independence and objectivity are the cornerstones of our relationships with our clients.
  • Lochan & Co is acutely aware of the different light that the attest relationship sheds and has proactively taken steps to ensure our independence while serving the professional needs of our clients.
  • With regard to financial independence, the Firm complies with all the requirements and restrictions imposed by various professional and regulatory bodies, apart from those of the Firm.
  • Lochan & Co commits to work with the Board units Management to proactively address independence issues so that you and your constituents are comfortable that your independence expectations are met.