Statutory Audits

Lochan & Co offers full range of statutory assurance services as required under Companies Act 1956 and various other statutes as per International Financial Reporting Standards.

Lochan & Co undertakes the audits as per International Auditing guidelines and Standard Auditing Practices. Lochan & Co can help translate numbers into accurate management information so management can make knowledgeable decisions and investor can rely on financial statements. Lochan & Co engages in following category of statutory audits:

  • Audits under Companies Act 1956;
  • Audits required under Income Tax Act 1961;
  • Government and Public Sector Units;
  • Specific purpose audits.

Value Added Solutions

Lochan & Co has in depth knowledge of legal and regulatory compliances and always uses that knowledge with applicability of International and National Accounting Standards.

Our team of professionals is well-versed on emerging issues such as ongoing support of compliance requirements. Our team is very well aware of the value of statutory audit of financial statements which gives true and fair view and assurance to outside world that financial statements depicts the correct picture and complies with all statutory requirements.


Lochan & Co helps the clients to:

  • Comply with statutory obligations under various national statutes;
  • Comply with International and National Accounting Standards;
  • Helps them to present their financial statements with a true and fair view;
  • Get a management letter for areas of improvements;
  • Make well-informed decisions regarding company's long-term growth and success.