Certifications & Attestation Engagements

Attestation engagements are often suitable for clients who have reporting needs that don't require an audit of financial statements. In attestation engagements, Lochan & Co examines reviews or applies agreed-upon procedures to subject matter, or an assertion about the subject matter, which is the responsibility of another party.

Certification Engagement:

  • Certification as required under Income Tax Act 1961
  • Certification as required under RBI regulations
  • Certification as required under Companies Act 1956
  • Certification as required under other various statutes

Value Added Solutions

Lochan & Co undertakes various types of certifications and has in depth knowledge of legal and regulatory compliances. Our teams of professionals are well-versed on emerging issues such as ongoing support of compliance requirements and the value of certifications in providing certifications which gives accurate and correct view and assurance to outside world that certificates depicts the correct picture and complies with all statutory requirements.


  • Our skilled people with full fledged knowledge provide proficient solution to certifications and attestation.
  • Certification process is established, documented and communicated not only within the certification team but more broadly across the organization.
  • Lochan & Co determines and articulates if the objectives are purely compliance-focused.

Clear articulation and communication of objectives help to ensure alignment of the activities as the objectives will drive decisions made throughout the certification process.