Value Added

Our services are designed to exceed client's expectations by aligning our process for services more closely with management and Review Committee’s needs to improve organizational performance and manage key organizational and financial risks. Through this period of change, helping the management to improve its Risk Management Process will permanently reduce our services risk.

At the same time, the services give clients and other third party users a higher level of assurance that the organization processes are designed and operating effectively to comply with specific requirements and to produce financial statements that meet the relevant standards. Our strategy is designed to work with the management to improve internal controls and positively gain on the accuracy and reliability of financial information and not to limit our work to provide negative assurance.

Our Team

Performing for a assurance / consulting assignment each client requires an exceptional combination of skills. We are convinced we have the skills required and have selected a team that is extremely motivated to share its expertise with you and to deliver value through the whole process.

Our team is keen to offer you the highest level of professionalism and exceptional responsiveness. Indeed, we pride ourselves on our personal attention to our clients and on our responsiveness to their needs.

We use only the right people for each task. We use skilled and experienced professionals / consultants who have worked in the business/ development sector and understand the requirements. For such assignments Mr. Sharad Agarwal, Mr. Rajeev Lochan and Mr. Amit Bansal will supervise as assignment director, Coordinator, and Manager respectively. Each of them has experience and knows and understands the systems being reviewed.

By using staff such as these we can complete the review efficiently and with minimum disruption to your staff. We will ensure that junior staff on an assignment are adequately supervised and work under the direction of assignment manager. We do this to ensure that you receive a consistently high quality product.

Our people are of the highest caliber and are led by partners with substantial experience.Our people include a mix of chartered accountants, management graduates, engineers, economists and lawyers.

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