Our Quality Assurance

Our quality systems permeate all aspects of our work and our regular internal quality audits ensure that we maintain the highest possible standards. It is, however, much more than a set of processes and procedures. Quality is part of the mindset of Lochan & Co staff. We encourage our staff to maintain regular informal meetings with clients to ensure that they feel comfortable commenting on the quality of our services and how we might improve them.

Our approach is based on ensuring the consistent delivery of quality services for our clients. We place major emphasis on ensuring client satisfaction in relation to our service delivery. The firm has well established quality standards, policies, procedures and practices in place.

The pursuit of quality is an integral part of the fabric of our culture and comprises: consistency, care, judgment, concern, commitment, responsiveness, and, of course, technical proficiency. As a part of our proactive commitment to provide the highest-quality service possible, we periodically survey clients, the results of which ensure that we continue to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

The partner of Lochan & Co provides close monitoring for day to day quality control in relation to all work done and reports issued by Lochan & Co and maintain good open working relationships with employees & staff.

We believe that the quality of our people and the strong trusted auditor- auditee relationship that has been established with clients are cornerstones to very high level of quality of service that we are committed to provide, and will continue to bring to our clients

Because of our foundation of understanding, we have demonstrated and will continue to demonstrate:

  • Our ability to bring innovative suggestions and advice at all levels to solve internal control related problems or determine the ways forward;
  • and Our provision of innovative risk based ways of achieving adequate control in relation to major initiatives which would result in major savings for client being achieved.

We commit to continue to provide you with high caliber, experienced professionals whom you used to, backed by assistance from the deep resources of Lochan & Co’s network. We understand the complexity & importance of projects and this enables us to customize solutions, rather than providing information that is not applicable.