Our Approach & Methodology

Lochan & Co uses several technology solutions to enable client service delivery. Our professionals utilize these technologies to support our processes, methodologies and frameworks. The integration of our state of the art technology solutions enhances client value through increased productivity and effectiveness, consistent service delivery and enhanced risk management.

Our strategy is to work with the management to build quality into the processes that control financial reporting and key risks facing the business. This will permit a significant shift in focus from the traditional one of simply inspecting the financial reporting. The advantage of this shift is that management will be able to derive confidence from the internal control environment that all reports received during the year are reliable and not just those certified by the auditors.

The scope of our assignments aims to cover the critical issues identified and to respond to client’s requirements and the provisions of the Agreement signed between us and client. This scope will be determined by the level of assessed risk associated to the assignments' activities and processes and the specific compliance requirements applicable to the assignment, compliance with laws and regulations, statutes, provisions of contracts and agreements.

  • Our process applied to the assignments will be composed of 5 main phases:
  • Understand Expectations - Expectations Discussions and Agreement
  • Commit & Plan - Develop Client Value Action Plan
  • Deliver & Improve - Continuous Improvement and Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Measure Results - Client Satisfaction Measurement