Independence & Objectivity

Independence and objectivity are the cornerstones of our relationship with our clients. We are acutely aware of the different light that the attest relationship sheds and have proactively taken steps to ensure our independence while serving the professional needs of our clients.

With regard to financial independence, the Firm complies with all the requirements and restrictions imposed by various professional and regulatory bodies, apart from those of the Firm.

We commit to work with the Management to proactively address independence issues so that you and your constituents are comfortable that your independence expectations are met.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics for members of the firm has been prepared by Lochan & Co for promoting adherence to high-quality professional standards, further the international convergence of such standards and speaking out on public interest issues where the professional expertise is most relevant.

This Code of Ethics establishes

  • Ethical requirements for Lochan & Co. and
  • Able to provide services of high quality consistently in the public interest.

Each member shall comply with, the Professional Code and the regulations there under. The management have, in particular, taken reasonable measures to ensure that each person involved with him in the practice of his profession and any partnership or company within which he practices his profession complies with The Chartered Accountants Act, 1949 the Professional Code and the regulations there under.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Lochan & Co. has taken reasonable steps to identify circumstances that may give rise to threats to comply with the fundamental principle circumstances that could pose a conflict of interest. A threat to objectivity or confidentiality may also be created when we perform services for clients whose interests are in conflict or the clients are in dispute with each other in relation to the matter or transaction in question. Any conflict of interest would be declared and submitted to client at the time of secondary bidding.