Corporate Social Responsibility

Lochan & Co top community priorities are education, health and bridging “the digital divide” – an access and technology gap that exists between the rich and the poor, minorities and majority communities, the connected and the unconnected, and the “haves” and the “have-nots”. Lochan & Co volunteers make a difference in communities by donating thousands of hours every year making life better for others. Since 2001, Lochan & Co employees volunteered to various Non Profit Organizations and neighborhood schools.

Lochan & Co Support

Lochan & Co supports the company’s philanthropic efforts in communities our employees call home. The company directs its funds to programs addressing “the digital divide,” arts and culture, health and human services, and general educational programs.

Education Outreach

Taking an active role within our communities’ schools is the cornerstone of the Lochan & Co Education Outreach program. Lochan & Co employees donate time as mentors, tutors or reading coaches and help the educational institutions in their compliances and accounting and financial needs. They also help with career enrichment, staff development, technical consulting and support, and student recognition programs. Lochan & Co has touched the lives of people through its services to society. During the year our employees unite in a common goal, coming together as a virtual work force to improve their local communities.