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About Lochan & Co

Ability to communicate effectively on complex business issues

Lochan & Co is a firm that prides itself on the quality of its services and the need to continually reinvent itself as the needs of its clients and associated organizations change. Our review and has been customized to suit client specific needs.

Specifically in relation to the services we have provided to entities, and in relation to similar services we are providing to Donor. Lochan & Co has been providing services to Corporate Sector, Government of India and State Governments and Non Profit Organizations in India.


Lochan & Co has a significant­­­­­­ assurance practice of Corporate Sector, International Agencies, Government of India and State Governments and Non Profit Organizations.

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Our firm conducts audit of many of the world’s best-known companies and other organizations both medium and small enterprise.

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We offer integrated solutions for a wide range of remote processing applications including business process outsourcing, technical support and knowledge services.

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